From recent Temple University alums Michael Busza (creator), Jaime Sweet (producer), and Jen Parmer (producer) comes the college EMMY® AWARD-WINNING web-based TV show, one of the guys, a sitcom about three gay friends and their straight roommate.

one of the guys was Temple University's first full-length, web-based television show, which basically just means that 1) you get to watch the series on your trusty MacBook in Ninja Turtle pajamas and that 2) each of its six episodes would fit in your standard half-hour TV time slot.

one of the guys was written, produced, and edited by a sassy group of young people from Temple University in Philadelphia, PA.

Winner of the national EMMY® AWARD for Best College Series (TV Academy® Foundation's "College Television Award," 2014), nominated for a Mid-Atlantic EMMY® AWARD (College/University Long-Form: Fiction, episode 3: twenty-somethings, 2013),  recipient of eight Temple University Media Studies & Production awards (2013/2014), and two-time recipient of the Temple University MarcDavid LGBT scholarship (2013/2014), one of the guys has also been celebrated as Temple University's first LGBT series.

The beginning of production was funded entirely by the redirected beer money of our student producers and donations from our families and friends, but, although it was great while it lasted, we couldn't keep asking Michael's parents to buy more Adele posters for the set -- which lead us to a wonderfully humiliating kickstarter campaignwhich you should go watch because it's so darn funny that Temple Actually gave it an award from the Media Studies and Production department.

Kickstarter is a process known as "crowd-funding," a new media trend of using the internet to publicly announce what a great project we could bring you if we weren't so damn poor - and we succeeded... by 225%!

Thanks to the tremendous contributions from our family & friends, our viewers, our professors, our school, and our larger community, we raised enough money to produce not just episodes 2 & 3, but to produce the remaining 5 episodes of the show’s six-episode season.

Since premiere in February 2013, the show has garnered 15,000+ cumulative views and 99,000+ cumulative loads.

Episode 6 premiered on September 21, 2014 at the 2014 Philadelphia Gay & Lesbian Film Festival ("qFLIX").

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Photo courtesy of Amanda Neuber